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Student phone line comparison

Want to sort out your broadband and landline separately? You've come to the right place as we compare the best value options for students this year.phonelinesMost students have a mobile phone with enough minutes to make 'free' calls nowadays, so you could say the home phone is a bit dead.

Yet in some ways the old dog-and-bone is holding on, because you still need the actual phone line installed to have broadband internet (except for with Virgin). And if you can't face living without the 'net in your new house, you best get your line ordered first thing as it can take a few weeks.

We recommend that you save the most money by bundling your phone line rental with broadband. Click here for the latest deals.

Quick land line saving tips

There are some easy ways to save the pounds on your monthly line rental, up to £100 over the year:

  1. Pay by Direct Debit - Save around £2 a month and the hassle of paying manually.
  2. Paperless billing - Make sure you ask for your billing to be electronic, which usually saves you money and makes things a bit easier too.
  3. Know your peak times - and when you get free calls. If you are using a home phone, watch out for the times when the call rate is hiked up.
  4. Don’t call premium numbers - Stay clear of 0870 numbers and stick to standard landline numbers when possible (you can find the cheaper numbers with this great little site -
  5. Pay upfront - Sometime if you pay for your landline in one chunk you can make savings. This is the same with broadband packages too.

Best phone line rental deals (for students)

All of these line rental contracts are 12 months to fit in with your tenancy.

It's worth knowing that by paying the full 12 months up-front with some suppliers can save you up to £40 instead of paying monthly. In fact, it's often cheaper to pay this than to take a month-by-month contract (for 9 months) and cancel the last 3 months (see comparison table below for full cancellation charges).

  1. BT LogoBT line rental - £18.99 / month

    BT is the most well known land line provider and they currently charge a flat rate of £18.99 per month..

    You also get free weekend calls on your home phone, but watch out for any expensive line activation fees (£40) before ordering.

    Visit BT to order now »

  2. Post officePost Office - £15 / month

    The Post Office has the cheapest offer currently on the market at just £15 per month.

    It includes free evening and weekend calls to landlines. Be sure to check the full terms at their website.

    Visit the Post Office website to order now »

How can I avoid the BT connection charge?

Important information! -  You will need to have an active BT phone line to set up any of the deals above. A BT landline can cost around £40-£130 to re-activate. However, you may be able to save yourself this cost with some forward planning and here’s how.

  1. When you sign your contract ask your landlord to give you the number of the current tenants to contact them. Alternatively you could get your landlord to speak to them for you.
  2. Ask the current tenants not to cancel/de-activate the phone line and instead sign it over to you.
  3. Then call up BT before moving in and tell them what you plan to do in terms of transferring the phone number into your name.
  4. If this doesn't work then you can look for installation deals. Some companies offer free line activation if you take phone and broadband together.

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